Your Journey

What Can Forge Do For You?


We screen and write programs for every member, spicific to their needs and wants. It's efficient, effective, and 100% for them


We Constantly supervise our mambers throughout their sessions, making sure they're doing things correctly


We remain in contact with our members outside of sessions. We're always there to answer questions, and help our members grow

Our Members' Journey

"I’ve been a gym goer utilizing personal training for more than a decade. In the year I’ve been at Forge, I’ve accomplished more in terms of fitness and nutrition than I did in all those other years combined."
"I've worked with trainers at big box gyms, and they don't even come close to Forge. In the past year at Forge, I've gotten rid of knee and shoulder pain, reduced bodyfat, built muscle, and become stronger than I ever thought I could be."
"I've been an avid runner and cyclist but never got into strength training. I signed up with Forge as a last resort to get into strength training and I think it's one of the best decisions I made for my health and wellness."