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Meal Prep in 5 Easy Steps

09.25.2018 | Forge Performance

Note: Before reading this article, we highly recommend checking out our previous nutrition post on eating habits. This will give you a great foundation to help execute your meal prep goals more effectively. Click HERE.

Meal Prep in 5 Easy Steps

Meal Prep is a great way to ensure proper nutrition from week to week. This technique is reserved for individuals who have a solid foundation on proper nutrition, as well as proper nutritional habits. Unfortunately, we often see it become an over-complicated process. This blog post will help breakdown the process into 5 manageable steps from start to finish. Once you have the outline down, you can improve on it to best suit your needs and fitness goals.

Step 1: Look Ahead

When: Friday before the coming week

What: Use a weekly planner or your cell phone

Why: You need to identify what days you’ll need prepared food so that you can prepare the correct amount.

Step 2: Make a Menu

When: Friday or Saturday before the coming week

What: Create a list of foods/meals you enjoy and are easy to make. Don’t get too fancy with this one just yet.

Why: By making a menu, you identify exactly what foods you’ll need and won’t be without major ingredients. Make sure all the proper food groups are represented as discussed in our article Why Counting Calories Doesn’t Work.

Step 3: Shop for Ingredients

When: Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning before the coming week

What: Make a list based off of your menu, and stick to it! Don’t deviate from your list and cave into cravings. For more on avoiding cravings, check out our article 4 Tips to Get Rid of Cravings for Good.

Why: You can’t make any meals without the proper foods, duh

Step 4: Cook the Food

When: Sunday Morning or Sunday afternoon before the coming week

What: Cook the tough foods you won’t have time to cook during the week, such as your animal proteins, starchy carbohydrates and vegetables

Why: These foods will take up the most of your time, so it’s best to have them prepared ahead of time. You can always add additional ingredients the day of if you’d like, but at least all of your essentials are taken care of.

Step 5: Package the Food in Tupperware

When: Sunday after cooking has taken place

What: All the food you’ll want to grab and go when in a pinch

Why: Packaging the food will ensure you have all of your essentials covered, and have the food pre-portioned for stress-free eating.


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