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Why You Are Not Losing Weight

12.15.2016 | Forge Performance

Losing weight

Losing weight isn’t rocket science. You burn more calories than you take in, and you’ll lose weight. So why do so many people struggle with this concept? The answer, coincidentally, is also relatively simple. People generally will do very well with one of the necessary methods for losing weight, but struggle with others. Here are the three methods necessary for people to lose weight:

1. Resistance Training

2. Heart Rate Manipulation (Metabolic Training)

3. Proper Nutritional Habits

We’re going to make this extremely easy to understand and not dig too deep, because we find the less you know about the intricate details, the better. In the past, we’ve realized the more we’ve shared with people, the more they’ve focused on specific details and missed the broad strokes, the fundamental information. And, not surprisingly, the fundamental information is what is most important.

So, let’s start with the first method, Resistance Training.

Resistance training is the use of weighted activities to build muscle and connective tissue. It is necessary to lose weight for the following reasons:

1. We burn more calories

The more lean muscle tissue we have, the higher our resting metabolism is. Our resting metabolism is how we burn calories doing everyday activities, and it’s where we burn the most calories.

2. It’s a more efficient way to burn calories

Resistance training allows us to burn calories, via our resting metabolism, for up to 48 hours after the exercise session. Thus, it allows you to get more “bang for your buck” in terms of how long and how often we have to exercise for.

3. Resistance training makes us stronger

Not only do we increase our capacity to burn calories during exercise due to greater muscle mass, we also allow our bodies to stay strong and healthy, thus preventing injuries that can keep us from exercising at full capacity. Injuries also release stress hormones in the body, negating some of our ability to burn calories, or use them most effectively in the body.

Next, we’ll take a look at Metabolic Training, also known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Metabolic training is the use of timed work intervals to increase heart rate, followed by timed rest intervals to decrease the heart rate. It is necessary to lose weight for the following reasons:

1. Increasing heart rate increases oxygen uptake

The higher our heart rate, the more we breathe. The more we breathe, the more calories we burn. The high intensity exercises associated with Metabolic Training or HIIT allow us to increase our heart rate to near maximal levels where we expend the most amount of energy, then take in oxygen during the rest periods, repaying what is known as the “oxygen debt”.

2. It’s a more efficient way to burn calories

Similar to Resistance Training, Metabolic Training allows us to burn calories, via our resting metabolism, for up to 24-48 hours after the exercise session. If I told you, you could burn calories for 1-2 hours, or for 24-48 hours, which would do you think would be more effective? Exactly.

3. It’s safer on our body

More intense exercise for shorter periods of time is better for our joints, connective tissues, muscles, and just about everything else associated with being a living, breathing organism. Opt for this over long running bouts of 30 minutes or more.

Last, Nutrition

It shouldn’t be a secret to anyone that it’s exponentially difficult to lose weight without proper eating habits, but in case you’ve been under a rock for the last decade, here’s why it’s important:

1. Need to eat less calories then you’re expending

We’re not fans of counting calories for weight loss. Instead, eat until 80% full and take your time while eating, at least 15-20 minutes each meal. This is a pretty safe way to get the right quantity of food

2. You need the right foods to repair tissues and support a healthy metabolism

The quality of your food is extremely important. Prioritize lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats as your sources of food. These foods are more filling, lower in calories, higher in vitamins and minerals, all of which help us better burn calories, repair tissues, and build hormones necessary to build lean muscle and burn fat.
Hopefully, you can see why all of the following are necessary to lose weight. Is it possible to lose weight following 2, or even 1 of the components for weight loss? Sure. But, unless your body is genetically gifted, it’s going to be much more difficult to do so. And chances are, if you’re reading this article, you’re not one of those people.