Nutrition Coaching

Leaner, stronger, and more resilient.

We'll help you develop a diet based on your preferences, your lifestyle, and your goals.

Gain more confidence in your choices

We'll remove all the guesswork from your nutrition. You'll never have to worry what, when, or how you should eat.

Build greater meal consistency

More important than being perfect is being consistent. We'll help you find your baseline and make systematic improvements to your diet.

Have full control over your eating

We'll help you build life-long skills so you have full autonomy and control over your choices - no matter how stressfull life gets.

Eliminate Nutrient Deficiencies

Give your diet structure, ensuring that you’re obtaining a particular balance of nutrients so you can beat cravings, battle stress and emotional eating, and build confidence that you’re eating the right foods.

Adjust Portions and Nutrient Quality

Achieve a level of satisfaction with your meals, utilizing more nutrient dense options and eating the right amount for you. All without having to count calories or track your food.

Self-Regulate Eating Behaviors

Gain full autonomy of your eating and find the unique style of eating that works for you. Build a diet that is flexible and moves with your life, wherever it takes you.


Want to know about REAL results? Here's what our clients have to say about FORGE Performance!


“I’ve reached a point that I never thought I could. The workout program, nutrition coaching, and motivation really worked for me, and I feel like I’m at my new normal.”


Satisfied Client


“The exercise and nutrition program is well tailored to my goals and has shown great results in the last 12 weeks. The coaches are extremely attentive, and there’s a friendly relationship among the members.”


Satisfied Client


“I’m feeling more confident and comfortable in my body, I’m seeing new muscle definition, and above all I have a healthier relationship with food. The encouragement and corrections from the coaches motivates me to push to new levels.”


Satisfied Client


“It's so nice to have a physical outlet like this following COVID. I feel strong, I'm hitting the goals I set for myself, and I'm really happy with how consistent I've been.”


Satisfied Client


“I'm really happy with the level of strength I'm developing. All of the tips, tricks, and positive vibes of the community here makes Forge more than a gym.”


Satisfied Client


“This is the leanest and strongest I’ve ever been. My clothes are fitting better, I’m moving better, and I have plenty of energy to keep up with my kids.”


Satisfied Client


“The environment and support I received is only surpassed by the results I'm experiencing. I love coming here!”


Satisfied Client


“The feedback of someone letting me know I'm doing things correctly and can actually push myself is huge. That along with the continued support has really help me take my fitness to the next level.”


Satisfied Client


“I’m leaner, stronger, more energetic and more confident than I’ve ever been. I’m 50 years old and I feel so good!”


Satisfied Client


“At 50, I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life.”


Satisfied Client



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