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Six Pack Abs You Can Count On for More than Looks

08.6.2018 | Forge Performance

Six Pack Abs You Can Count On for More than Just Looks

No. Planks will not give you six-packs abs. We’re not here to diss planks. They’re a staple in the programs of individuals of all fitness levels. But they’ve been over-popularized by the fitness industry as a replacement for exercises like crunches and sit-ups. Are they a healthier alternative? For the most part, yes. Will they provide you six-pack abs? Unfortunately, no.

Planks are an awesome exercise for providing core stability to the body. They teach us how to brace our mid-section for safer, more effective movement. But as far as the beloved six-pack goes, they just don’t provide our body with the proper movements to build up the abdominals.

The abdominals that make up the six-pack are the rectus abdominis and external obliques. See below:

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In order to build these muscles, movement of the core and spine are needed, which planks do not provide. Below are our 4 favorite exercises for not only providing elite core stability, but helping shape that six-pack in the process:

Stability Ball Roll Out

2-4 Sets of 8-15 Reps

KB Assisted Leg Raise

2-4 Sets of 8-15 Reps

Cable Core Rotations

2-3 Sets of 12-20 Reps

Stability Ball Crunch

2-3 Sets of 12-20 Reps


We don’t suggest performing all of these exercises everyday. Picking 1-2 exercises to perform 3-4x per week will go a long way. We also don’t want you to get your hopes up if your diet is in the trash. No amount of direct work on a muscle group will deliver any lasting results without dietary and recovery considerations.

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