Supplementation Stigma: They’re Not All Created Equal

10.27.2016 | Forge Performance

The Supplementation Stigma

Supplementation is often a very misunderstood and uncomfortable subject for a lot of people. And who could blame them? There’s absolutely ZERO regulation from the FDA as to what exactly goes into making the supplements you see at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and a host of convenient stores. Manufacturers could literally fill their tubs or protein powder with cocoa flavored dirt, and as long as no one becomes extremely ill or dies from it, nothing can keep stores from selling it on their shelves.
But supplements, when taken correctly from an extremely reputable brand, do have their advantages. They’re quick, easy, and extremely transportable. Great for people who work busy lives, and let’s face it, we’re all busy. But the question then becomes, “which ones do I take?” And the answer really depends on a hierarchy of prioritization. Meaning we have to look at what you are currently doing from a nutritional perspective and see which gaps need to be filled and in what order.
Below we’ve broken down this hierarchy along with a detailed description of the importance of each and why we stress this order of importance. It is important to note having something lower on the hierarchy isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless it keeps you from focusing on things that are more important.
1. Probiotic: enhance digestive system capabilities and boost immune system
2. Multivitamin: increase satiety, enhance your ability to utilize calories correctly, and build tissues, hormones, and boost immune system
3. Fish Oil: increase satiety, boost metabolism, cognitive function and immune system, repair bodily tissues,
To be taken daily. These Big 3 are the cornerstone of a sound nutrition supplementation plan, and it’s easy to see why. They are the foundation of how our body reacts to proper nutrition and exercise to promote a leaner and healthier lifestyle.
4. Meal Replacement Shake or Bar: increase satiety and lean muscle mass, decrease fat mass and recovery time
5. Snack Shake or Bar: increase satiety, prevent unecessary snacking or binge eating
6. Greens Supplement: improve digestive function, boost immune system
These supplement products are great for people who are constantly on the go. Here at Forge, we use these supplements as a way to ensure that our clients don’t make bad nutrition choices when they are not afforded many options.
7. BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids): spare lean muscle mass during exercise and promote usage of stored body fat for fuel
8. Performance Enhancement Drinks or Bars: increase workout performance by increasing blood flow or stimulating higher workout intensity
9. Specialty Aids (sleep, joint, cognitive): aid the body in repairing any damage experienced during exercise or daily life
To be taken as needed, these supplements help the body utilize energy effectively dependent on the goal, and repair from workouts of lifestyles of high intensity.
So you see, supplements have their place in everyone’s nutrition plan. Email us at [email protected] to learn which highly recommended products we use, and how they can benefit your health and fitness nutrition plan.

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