The Last Diet You’ll Ever Need

12.18.2020 | Forge Performance

If you’re like most people, you’ve tried a diet at some point or another. In fact, you’ve probably tried multiple diets over the course of your lifetime, but nothing seems to stick.

In this article, I’m going to present you with a new way to approach your diet that will allow you to sustain the changes you make and enjoy the process.

Why We Diet in the First Place

Although diets are rather commonplace in today’s society, one has to wonder…

“Why do we even diet in the first place?”

The majority of us will begin a diet in order to improve the way we look and feel, by helping us lose weight, reduce body fat, improve general health markers, and increase energy.

And some of us will begin a diet to eat in a way that better matches our core beliefs, values, and lifestyle considerations.

Or both. Yet we struggle to maintain the results we observe from dieting. Why?

Why Diets Don’t Stick

Over the last 10 years, working with hundreds of individuals on improving their nutrition practices, I’ve come to notice a few things about dieting. Most of the people I work with come to me as a last resort because they’ve tried every diet in the book.

Whether we’re dieting to improve our health and fitness, or for more ideological reasons, there’s 3 main reasons why diets don’t stick:

  1. Lifestyle Considerations

Family, work, social obligations – all of these factors require time and consideration. So do diets.

We tend to dive head first into diets without much thought as to what trade-offs we’ll need to make in order for this diet to fit into our lifestyle. In order to begin a new diet, you may need to:

  • Change the way you shop, prepare, and cook your existing food
  • Limit your social engagements
  • Adjust your work schedule and family obligations

This is normally easy when motivation is at its highest, but sooner or later that inner flame burns out. And so do we.

  1. Dietary Preferences and Restrictions

Cultural, familial, biological, psychological – a lot goes into what foods we enjoy eating and tend to prioritize.

Although we may be willing to abstain from a certain food group for a certain period of time, at some point, we hit our breaking point. “I just want to have a cheeseburger!”

My personal view is you should be able to have the food you love and not observe all of the guilt and shame that comes with it.

  1. Mindset

It sounds simple enough – here’s the diet. Now, follow it.

Diets present a neat and tidy way to approach our nutrition which our brains love; at first. However, we tend to approach diets with an “all or nothing”, perfectionist approach.

We think that if we slip up even just once, the diet is ruined! But this simply isn’t the case. In reality, even working on one aspect of the diet will allow you to make progress.

This is because, although we think diets are vastly different, they’re all pretty similar when you look at their foundational principles.

What All Diets Have in Common

Look at any diet and there are 5 key principles that allow that diet to be successful – even if it’s for a short period of time.

At their foundational level, all diets:

  1. Raise basic levels of awareness and attention

When you’re conscious of the food you’re putting in your body, you make better choices. Not only are you inclined to follow the guidelines of the diet, you’re more likely to resist temptations and cravings that typically emerge throughout the course of a day.

  1. Focus on food quality

Whether the focus be on incorporating more protein, vegetables, fats, or avoiding carbs – all the popular diets focus on increasing the amount of minimally processed, nutrient dense foods.

  1. Help eliminate nutrient deficiencies

When we commit our focus to eating more nutrient dense foods, we obtain a large variety of vitamins and minerals that are often missing in our standard diet.

  1. Control portion sizes and appetite

Again, we’re more mindful of our choices, but we’re less likely to require as much food to obtain the same amount of nutrients. Additionally, the more nutrient dense food we eat, the longer we remain satiated.

  1. Encourage improving other aspects of fitness

Action and successful follow through motivates us to take further action. When paying attention to our nutrition choices, we’re also more likely to move more, stay well hydrated, and try to get more sleep.

The funny part is that these are the exact key principles my own Nutrition Program addresses with people – with one major consideration.

How this Diet is Different

Before you throw me in the anti-diet camp, allow me to make a statement that I’m pretty sure I’ll believe for the rest of my coaching career…

I’m not anti-diet. I’m anti-dieting.

In recent decades, the word “diet” has been more commonly used to describe a way of eating a person restricts themselves to.

The most frequent question I get from my nutrition clients is a variation of, “What do you think about X diet?” Here, a diet represents something that we do.

But the word diet used to reference the way in which a person habitually eats. Here, a diet represents something that is part of us and moves with us over the course of our lifetime.

Isn’t this what we’re all really after?

A way of eating that not only allows us to improve our health and fitness, but is in line with our core values, beliefs, and best fits our ever-changing lifestyle?

I’ll take your silence as a yes.

The last diet you’ll ever need is one you can systematically work toward and adjust over time so that it best suits your current needs and lifestyle.

And that’s what I help people do on a daily basis, one step at a time. I have a personal coaching process.

One that helps clients find the best diet for them. One that takes into account all of the physical, mental, and lifestyle differences that makes that person unique.

If you’re ready to learn a more realistic and reasonable approach to your nutrition practices, one that allows you to see amazing results, sustain the progress you make, and enjoy the process…

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